That awkward budding archaeologist in native garb phase. (Rabat, Morocco.)

Travel Bug

My first plane ride was at the age of 8, and it wasn't to Orlando, baby. We flew to Switzerland - my mom's home country. As a child of a foreigner, I grew up wishing I'd get to eat the baloney sandwiches at lunch like my fully American friends did but, boy, what a perspective my mom's roots gave me, and my dad's shared passion of seeing the world instilled within me. I have now lived on three continents and worked extensively, as an archaeologist, on five. My partner is also a dual citizen, making my kids the lucky owners of four passports. I cannot NOT travel and see new things.

Side note: 'Bug' was my self-appointed nickname in 2nd grade AND prior to 11 years of age, I wanted to be an entomologist. I'll share my insect collection with you, if you share yours.

Insane, Unshowered Sleep-Deprived Parent of Three

Yes, I did mention 'kids' above. And while I'm actually a bonafide introvert (Myers-Briggs tested and approved. (Folks, I almost wrote 'Breyers' just now! We know what's on my mind this late in the evening.)), having kids is just the ticket to let yourself loose and go big! They're constantly teaching me every day how to be truly authentic and how to not take myself so damn serious. Today, the post-it note I have on my work desk is 'Be too much.' That is my stretch every day.

And like so many others before me, I did lose myself in my parenting role completely for the first seven years or so. And then I was hit badly by shingles. That was the 'oh s&%t' moment that changed everything for me. So here I am. Thank you, shingles.

Boldly visiting the wilds of my kids' messy bedroom. (Marietta, GA.)

Post beach run mellow-down in my birthplace of San Diego, CA.

Nature Lover

I'm not gonna say nature 'junkie' or nature 'addict' because those are tied to the addiction that is a solid part of my upbringing and goes deeply down the generations on both sides of my family. I am NOT unique in this. What I truly am though is a 'Nature Lover.' My toes are in the earth daily, no matter the weather. The smell of fresh rain on pavement or salty sea air wildly excites my heart, and I cannot tell you how many hundreds of photos I have of just moss. The natural world is truly my divine place to connect with Self, Other and Source. I want to share this love with you, in all its tender, awe-inspiring magic.

Creator of Connected and Self-Confident Futures.

My goal with Edgeventures is to support you in shifting out of operating from a place of fear, to intentionally standing in your courage and self-confidence with every breath. For me, personally, I know this can be done with both micro and macro mental, physical and spiritual 'stretches' around the world or in your own backyard. You are not ordinary and by no means should your life be ordinary. When we find our plate is too full, it's generally because we're filling it with all the wrong things that don't light us up. I love sharing how we can 'expand our plates' and 'make the next bite right.'

Palm Springs, CA, power posse on a boat, baby!

At my Simplify to Amplify Event at Rebel Nell, Detroit, MI.

Heart-Led Leader

During my decade-plus in academia, not only did my attention to detail and rigor around fact-checking and data collecting strengthen but so did my masculine side, the latter soon came to dominate my life to a toxic degree. When chugging beers around the campfire and he with the best knowledge of pocket knives is socially rewarded, you tend to leave your feminine ways back home, tucked away in a shoebox at the back of your closet.

My current journey is 1) in tending to my feminine side once more, and 2) re-entering and strengthening the heartspace. I want to be balanced in every way - the sympathetic with the parasympathetic, the masculine with the feminine, the head-strong with the heart-strong.

The way I grow these 'muscles' is with tenderness to myself and others, and in deep connection with an authentic community (seen and unseen) at my side.

If any of this speaks to you, please drop me an email and let me know what had your heart vibrating at hello @ edgeventures.co . Or if you're simply looking for some travel coaching, I'd love to chat! Let's create some global up-leveling together!